1. Try Our Kids Gym When Your Child Goes Back To School

    While it’s just the beginning of August, you’re probably already getting ready to go back to school. School seems to be starting earlier and earlier, which means you’re probably feeling a little frazzled when it comes to making sure your child has everything he or she needs as well as figuring out what they’ll be doing after school. It’s completely understandable since the school year se…Read More

  2. Common Misconceptions About Childhood Obesity

    According to the CDC data gathered from 2015 to 2016, “nearly one in five school age children and young people in the United States has obesity.” While obesity has gone down in some places, there’s still a staggering number of inactive children. Childhood obesity is also a lot more damaging than people may think. For example, children who are obese have a higher risk of chronic health condit…Read More

  3. Fun Ways To Spend The Summer

    Summer is already half over, but that doesn’t mean your child can’t enjoy the last few weeks before he or she has to go back to school. While it’s just a few weeks into July, before you know it, it’ll be August and you’ll be gearing up to go back to school shopping and getting class assignments. Before you have to dive into the back to school craziness, take some time to find some fun wa…Read More

  4. The Benefits Of Play – Part Two

    If you’re just jumping into our series, we’d like to encourage you to read Part One to learn what you’ve missed. In today’s blog, we’ll be covering the benefits of playtime for your child. As an adult, your life is probably filled with a lot of work. It’s understandable, you have to support your child, spouse, and probably a pet, too. However, for a child, it’s important that they ge…Read More

  5. The Benefits Of Play – Part One

    Play. As an adult, you probably don’t hear that word much, unless you actually attend the theater. While being an adult has its perks too — hello, opportunities — being a kid is something that happens once in a lifetime and is a very special time that should be cherished. You may remember the long days of summer without going to school and riding your bike around the neighborhood with your f…Read More

  6. How Junior Boots Helps With Just About Every After School Program

    In a recent blog we told you about the ways that bringing your child to our kids’ fitness program can help with just about any sport out there. After all, the work we do in our after school program not only gets kids exercise, but it helps build their body for other sports as well. For instance, the upper arm strength we help kids attain can be beneficial in many sports, including baseball, bask…Read More

  7. How Our Kids’ Gym Helps Physically With Other Sports and Activities

    We know very well that we’re not the only after-school activity for most of the kids we see here at our kids' gym. With so many dozens of other options for them to be a part of, how could we be? Schools offer so many types of clubs, and there are also many types of private businesses offering children’s activities (like us) that kids are interested in joining. But here’s one of the best part…Read More

  8. Don’t Neglect Heart-Healthy Children’s Activities Now That School Is Back

    Now that school is back in session, everything is getting busier. While your kids might have had activities during the summer, they most likely didn’t have them in addition to seven hours of schooling every day! And as the days fill up (and feel shorter thanks to fewer daylight hours), there is less time for all of the activities kids want to do. As a kids’ gym, we have one favor to ask you: d…Read More

  9. What To Do When Your Kids Are At Our Kids Activities?

    There are two main reasons that people bring their kids to Hot Ground Gym: our Junior Boots kids’ fitness program or a kids’ birthday party. Now, if you’re the parent at your own child’s party, you’ll probably be sticking around, even though we take care of everything for you and there’s no cleanup involved. After all, you’ll want to take pictures, right? But if you’re the parent o…Read More

  10. What Exactly Is Making Kids Gain Weight?

    If every kid was getting enough exercise, there probably wouldn't be a need for need for Hot Ground Gym. Sure, it would still be a fun place to go, considering it makes a great kid’s birthday party venue. But there wouldn’t be as much need for the Junior Boots aspect of our Vernon Hills kids’ gym, one that helps kids get stronger and, in some cases, lose the extra weight that they’ve been …Read More