Image of four children being pulled in a sled surrounded by snow.

The weather outside is frightful, but the children’s activities inside are delightful! If you’re looking for a fun, safe way for your children to stay warm and continue to grow this winter, then Hot Ground Gym is what you’re looking for. 

Our kids gym is conveniently located in Vernon Hills and offers children’s activities and learning opportunities galore. This holiday season while you’re busy shopping for presents and getting everything done, entrust your child to us for a kids fitness program during their winter break! Our kids gym is known throughout the area for its well-rounded approach to fitness, meaning we focus on both mental and physical growth and strength. Keep reading to learn more about our kids fitness program during winter break, and then contact Hot Ground Gym in Vernon Hills to learn more or claim a free trial class. It may be cold outside, but we’ll make sure this winter is hot with kids fitness.

Trained Instructors

Our kids gym in Vernon Hills isn’t just any old kids gym. Our cadre of instructors is composed of first responders, military veterans, and responsible assistant instructors who are enrolled in our Junior Boots™ leadership developmental program. We hire real-life superheroes who are more than qualified to take care of your child and will be role models for them to look up to.

Small, Interactive Groups

We purposefully keep our summer and winter camp groups small so that it can truly be a transformational experience for your little one. During a kids fitness program at our kids gym this winter, your kiddo can expect to make friends and learn to support others through unique children’s activities that will help them grow.

Leadership Training

One of the major focuses of our kids gym is on leadership training. Through kids fitness is important, we feel that many kids gyms focus exclusively on the fitness aspect. We have adopted a five-dimensional concept at our kids gym: obstacle course fitness, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and discipline.

Teamwork Exercises

What was that about teamwork? By making teamwork an integral part of our kids fitness programs, we ensure that children are learning the behavior and skills they need for cooperation in a classroom, with siblings, with friends, and, eventually, in a workplace. They’ll learn to trust others and to be someone that others can depend on.

Practical Skills

And, finally, our winter camp also focuses on practical skills that will help your child become more self-reliant. These practical skills include everything from first aid to survival skills, cooking, and problem-solving. Our kids gym obviously has a focus on fitness, but life skills are something your child will always need as well.

Enroll in Our Vernon Hills Kids Gym Today

Let Hot Ground Gym in Vernon Hills be the place for your little one this year. Our kids gym is turning up the heat this winter, and we can’t wait for your child to join us! They’ll develop their strength, mental fortitude, and character at our kids gym. Contact us today with questions or claim a free trial class to see how your kiddo likes it.