Things are starting to get cold outside. The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are falling, and the snow is coming. But just because there’s a blanket of snow on the ground doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of fun activities to do with your kids during the frigid winter months. It can sometimes feel like all there is to do is turn on that TV and pop some popcorn. While that can certainly be a good way to spend the occasional chilly evening, it’s important that you and your family are getting exercise and filling your time with productive and fun activities. That’s what today’s blog is for. 

Making sure you have plenty of activities lined up for the winter is especially important during the holidays when our kids will have an extended break from school. So, in today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at five fun winter activities that you can do with your kids. These will be the perfect way to incorporate a range of activities for your kids, even while they’re stuck at home during the holidays. In the meantime, be sure to visit our kids gym in Vernon Hills for all sorts of exciting and beneficial activities. We operate year-round, so there’s always a good opportunity to incorporate our kid’s gym into your daily schedule. All you have to do is contact us or swing on by Hot Grounds Gym in Vernon Hills. We look forward to seeing you!

Now, let’s look at some fun activities to help stave off the cold temperatures over the next few months!

1. Go Sledding

This one’s probably not too surprising since sledding is such a classic winter activity. And we’re no stranger to deep snows here in Vernon Hills, meaning there should be plenty of opportunity to pull out the sleds and fly down some hills.

There are lots of great things about sledding. The fresh air, the excitement of speeding down a hill, the laughter and connection — the list goes on. But one of the underlooked benefits is that sledding can be a great source of exercise. Moving through some deep snow, especially when making the trek back up the hill, will prove to be a good workout, even for the kiddos. This is especially true when the sledding is accompanied with a good winter hike. You can find some of the best sledding spots by seeking them out, even when they require a bit of a trek. This is a great opportunity for excitement, exercise, and family bonding. There’s a reason why everyone loves sledding in the winter.

2. Go Stargazing

Did you know that on a clear, moonless night away from the lights of the city you’ll be able to see thousands of stars with the naked eye? If you’re only used to looking up at the night sky from a suburb, then you’re lucky if you have a night sky with a couple hundred visible stars. If you live in the city, the artificial lights make it so that you might be able to see only a dozen or so of the brightest stars.

It can be a great experience for kids to see the full glory of the night sky. Thousands of lights stippled against the dark backdrop of space — each dot so luminous that it still manages to shine from trillions and trillions of miles in the distance. And, if you get far enough from the city lights, you’ll even get to see the opaque arc of the Milky Way overhead. This can be a great way to cap off a day of sledding and winter hikes. And, of course, it’ll be a great excuse for you to talk to your kids about science. Nothing will get kids more eager to learn about the cosmos than staring up at a star-studded night sky.

3. Soak in the Winter Sun

Sledding and stargazing are the perfect options for exercising, fun, and connection. But there are too many amazing outdoor winter activities to dedicate a spot on this list for each one. Instead, we’re just going to recommend that you enjoy the outdoors in whatever ways that you can. Without going into too much detail, here’s a list of a handful of fun outdoor activities you can do with kids this winter:

  • Have a snowball fight
  • Build a snowperson
  • Build a snow fort
  • Go ice fishing
  • Go snowshoeing
  • Shovel snow for people in need
  • Go winter camping
  • Have a winter scavenger hunt

4. Enjoy the Indoors

All of the above ideas will allow you and your kids to get in some exercise while enjoying the outdoors. Of course, there are plenty of fun activities to do indoors during the winter months. When the temperatures drop too low or when the snows are coming down a little too hard, you might not have an option other than staying indoors. No worries! Your kids can still have fun while staying active — even while stuck indoors.

So, what are some of the indoor things you can do during the winter? There are the classics like playing a family board game, making hot chocolate together, and snuggling under a blanket for a good movie. Another cozy idea is to do family storytelling time. This can be a great opportunity to instill in your kids a love for reading and give everyone a much-needed break from the blue light of screens. You can have them read to you from their favorite books, you can read to them, or you can just make up some stories! Books, storytelling, and imagination — a great way to spend a wintery evening.

If you’re looking for something a bit more active, a fun idea is to do yoga together. This is a great way to encourage thoughtfulness and calm in your kids while still allowing them to expend their pent-up energy. Crafts can be a great way to keep them engaged as well. Making paper snowflakes is always a great option. If the weather isn’t keeping you from driving, there are also indoor activities outside the house that everyone would enjoy. You can stay warm while getting some exercise by taking the family to a local bowling alley. Another great option is a museum. Just because your kiddos are on break from school doesn’t mean they have to take a break from learning!

5. Go to a Kids Gym

Finally, a great option is to visit our kid’s gym in Vernon Hills. We offer special winter activities, including our winter camp for kids. We will provide your kids with exercise, leadership skills, fun, discipline, high engagement, socialization, and so much more. Our kids gym is the perfect option for a winter activity for your kids. Just contact us today to get started!