At Hot Ground Gym in Vernon Hills, we are big proponents of the physical health of the children in our community. We offer a unique and novel approach to youth fitness by providing a kids’ gym in Vernon Hills. That said, we recognize that sending your child to a gym every day is simply not within budget for most families. It is for this reason that we have put together a list of ideas to get you and your family active together. Why not include the whole family in on the fun of being physically fit together?

Here are ideas for you and your family to stay active:

Work Out At Home

Rather than dropping your kiddos in the gym childcare, why not model the way by creating a workout that you can do at home with your child? Working out in this context will cultivate in your child a deeper understanding of physical health as well as instill in them a desire to be active, rather than sedentary. This could look many ways, but the idea here is to keep it simple. That could be running the stairs, trying some yoga, stretching, or using your child as a weight on your back when doing push ups. If you make it fun and engaging for your kiddos, they will surely love working out with you at home.

Outdoor Sports

This idea is simple but could require some creative thinking. Grab your kids and some sports gear and head to the park. Tired of playing the same ‘ol throw and catch? Make up a few games! See who can throw the ball the furthest. Create an obstacle course using the playground nearby. Play a parents-versus-kids game of soccer. If you have younger kids, focus on simple tasks that can be done to improve hand-eye coordination. Invite your children to help you make up a new game. With a little creativity and intentionality, your kids will be kept entertained for hours.


This may seem simple, but it can easily make lasting memories with your children. By taking a simple hike or going for a walk, you are modeling a healthier lifestyle for your children. To keep your kids engaged, you can play a little game of I Spy, keep an eye out for wild animals, or explore all that nature has to offer!

DIY Project

Get together with your kids and think through some fun projects that you would like to complete together. Be it a game of giant jenga, a piece of functional furniture, or a garden box, doing a family project is a fun way to keep yourselves busy. By doing DIY projects, you can teach your children trade skills, gardening skills, or help keep them active by using whatever it is you make. As we have discussed before, the possibilities are nearly endless.

It does not take a rocket scientists to come up with a few creative ideas to be active with your kids. In fact, the simplest way of doing this is by inviting your kids into whatever it is that you already do. On those days that you just cannot bring your children along, our kids’ gym in Vernon Hills is always a reliable option of keeping your kids activity while in an adventurous setting. Learn more about our kids’ gym in Vernon Hills today!