It’s important the children at our kids gym are eating foods that are providing them with energy. As an after school activity, we strongly recommend packing these snacks for your child to enjoy and give them energy before he or she participates in our programs. While many children have a lot of energy, especially after being at school for such a long time and after a lengthy summer, it’s vital that you pack snacks that will give them the right kind of energy. Bouncing off the walls because your kid had a Twinkie and having physical energy because he or she ate a banana are two different things. At our kids gym, we promote not just physical fitness, but also character development. Learn more about our kids gym when you contact Hot Ground Gym® in Vernon Hills.

Delicious Healthy Snacks To Give Energy To Your Active Child

We have a few delicious snacks that your child can enjoy after school and before he or she heads over to Hot Ground Gym. These snacks are healthy, delicious, and they’ll provide your child with some calories to burn off while they have fun. With school getting back into session, you’re probably thinking of all the things you need to do. Let us take some off your plate and provide not only something for your child to do after school, but also some suggestions as to snacks you can pack for your child that he or she will love but still give him or her nutrients.

Fruit Shakes

Fruit shakes are a great substitute for juice. Many juices these days have so much sugar that it overrides all of the nutritional benefits. A fruit shake is a great way to provide your child with vitamins, fiber, and minerals, while still giving them a tasty drink. Fresh shakes can be made with nonfat Greek yogurt to give your child’s body some protein and extra thickness. In addition to the yogurt, you can also incorporate their favorite fruits, such as strawberries, bananas, and peaches. To add a liquid element, try coconut milk or almond milk. If your child isn’t allergic to peanuts, then you can also add peanut butter.


We touched on the pros of yogurt above, but this quick and delicious snack has a variety of benefits. It’s important to know the nutrients in the yogurt your child is eating because some yogurts have a lot of sugar in them. Greek and plain yogurts can be the most beneficial. Also, this is a quick snack that can be eaten on the run.

Whole Grain Cereal

Whole grain cereals, bagels, breads, or crackers can be so beneficial because they have so many more nutrients than other types of carbohydrates. Whole grain cereals are a great choice for parents who are on the run to drop the children off at Hot Ground Gym in Vernon Hills. What’s beneficial about this option is that you’ll replenish your child’s energy and help the muscles become stronger.

Hard-Boiled Egg

If your child loves eggs, then hard-boiled eggs are a great choice. These fast snacks have protein and carbs to help replenish the energy in your little one. Eggs are a great snack to enjoy because they help with muscle strength as well as replenishment. While your child isn’t going to be lifting weights or running 12 miles, he or she will need a little push to get them through the afternoon and a hard-boiled egg is exactly what he or she needs.


Lastly, touching on our first suggestion of the fruit shakes, a banana will meet those needs without you needing to worry about a shake. A banana has all of the necessary vitamins to help your child feel ready to participate in our kids gym. If you’d like to incorporate some protein, then we recommend peanut butter to pair with the banana.

Get back into the groove of the school year by enrolling your child in a kids gym to participate in after school. Also, try these snacks to make sure your little one doesn’t come to the gym hungry after a long day of moving. For more information on enrolling your child into our kids gym, reach out to us today.