We know very well that we’re not the only after-school activity for most of the kids we see here at our kids’ gym. With so many dozens of other options for them to be a part of, how could we be? Schools offer so many types of clubs, and there are also many types of private businesses offering children’s activities (like us) that kids are interested in joining.

But here’s one of the best parts about Hot Ground Gym: it helps kids in their other activities. The multiple activities we engage in, as well as the critical thinking skills and discipline that are gained, can help with just about any sport or activity out there. Let’s take a look at how time at our kids’ gym, and especially our Junior Boots program, can help kids in just about anything else they do.


How can our kids’ gym help with basketball? Basketball requires the use of the entire body: arms, legs, feet, hands, and everything in between. That sounds like what we’re working on at Hot Ground Gym every day! Our after-school activities focus on being more limber, increasing arm strength, and recovery when you hit the ground. Balance and proprioception are also improved during the different situations we put the kids through, as well as increased jump height and repeatability.


While most basketball players are in constant motion, football is all about going all-out for short periods of time. There are certainly parts of our obstacle course fitness gym that make use of this, enticing kids to see just how quickly they can get through them. Sometimes it’s just a good old-fashioned race!

Balance once again comes into play, and young football players can benefit from the increased balance thanks to the exercises we implement at our kids’ fitness center. It can improve popping up from scrimmage and trying to remain on the field when running for the goal line. Oh, and let’s not forget about jumping ability; that final leap into an end zone can be improved by the exercises you might see in our kids’ gym.


Unless you’re the goalie, most of soccer is about the legs. (While the chest can be used to stop the ball, neurologists and U.S Soccer recommend that children don’t head the ball.) Not only are the legs there to kick the ball, but they’re also used to move up and down the field. That means a good workout for the heart, which is something we focus on here at our kids’ gym.

At Hot Ground Gym, we work the legs quite a bit. They’re used in climbing, jumping, and on the balance beam. This not only makes the legs stronger but also improves a child’s balance, something that is incredibly important as they’re trying to kick the ball and run at the same time, all while trying to stay in bounds.


Like football, baseball has its quiet time coupled with bouts of sprinting. It also requires quite a bit of flexibility and upper arm strength, both for batting and for throwing. Once again, our climbing walls and ropes courses are a great for upper body strength, while our ground-based platforms can increase heart health and leg strength as well.


Just about every sport out there requires excellent hand/eye coordination or foot/eye coordination. But lacrosse is certainly a sport that requires quite a bit of getting the hands and eyes to work together as the body moves around the field. All of these can benefit from some time at Hot Ground Vernon Hills.


The amount talent, muscle, and endurance it takes to play ice hockey make the players some of the most under-appreciated athletes out there. There’s a good reason that hockey players have to be switched out so often, because it’s one of the most demanding sports there is.

First of all, we have to once again bring up balance as an aspect of our kids’ gym. We have balance beams and other types of American Ninja Warrior-style piece of equipment that can help kids improve their balance, which is an absolute necessity when they’re on skates. Learning to regain balance on “land” can also help kids regain their balance when they’re bumped on the ice. Of course, swinging a hockey stick can be improved by strengthening the arms, something many parts of our kids’ obstacle course offers.


Tennis is perhaps the most start/stop sport out there. You run one direction, stop, head back, stop, head forward, stop, and then walk back to the edge of the court to begin the next point. It’s a sport where you need to have strong ankles and legs so that you can change direction at a moment’s notice. Of course, endurance can also play a big part in who can get to a ball faster at the end of a long match.

Once again, our kids’ fitness program is ready to help any kid who might be in tennis by strengthening their hearts and improving their endurance. It can aso increase muscle mass for faster springing and more powerful swings. Oh, and the nature of our obstacle course helps kids to stop at the right time as well, which helps considering that tennis often requires a player to stop on a dime.


Don’t think for a second that cheerleading isn’t a sport. Cheerleaders require extreme balance, increased flexibility, and great strength in order to lift others above their heads. Lucky for cheerleaders, male or female, our kids’ gym can help with absolutely all of these.

One of the great advantages of working with Junior Boots is that it can help with any school or after school sports. But the advantages you’ll get in the sport also comes back to make a child get better at Junior Boots, which then builds to make them better at the sport. It’s a symbiotic relationship that creates a positive feedback loop that improves kids in whatever they want to do.

If we’ve convinced you that Junior Boots in Vernon Hills is the after-school program for your child, whether they’re trying to improve at another sport or not, be sure to check out the schedule right here!