It is no secret that most parents dread the onset of summer. On the other hand, it is not so far-fetched to assume that most children love being on summer vacation — as long as they are not bored out of their minds.

As a parent, you sure don’t want your child to fall behind developmentally while trudging through the summer. Additionally, you would be wise to keep your child moving to maintain good physical health. At Hot Grounds Gym in Vernon Hills, we are committed to the health and well-being of your children! For this reason, we have provided you with tips and tricks to keep your child active and engaged this summer.

Limit Screen Time

Rules and structure are not only for the classroom, but can be implemented at home as well. In this case, limiting screen time can encourage your child to seek other sources of engagement and entertainment.

Too much screen time negatively impacts your child’s development, discourages socialization, and creates a sedentary lifestyle. It is not such a bad idea to encourage your children to find other activities to keep them engaged.

Reading Material

When it is too hot to be outside, or should your child be more inclined to be inside, you can encourage them to read a good book. Reading will not only keep your child busy, but reading also improves vocabulary, communication, and grammar skills. At this rate, reading will at least engage your child mentally!

Puzzles Or Workbooks

Along similar lines, you can invest in activity books that contain puzzles and problems that your child can solve. Activities within the pages of workbooks vary, so there is no going wrong. For example, you can find activity books that consist of the following: anger solutions, crossword puzzles, coping mechanisms, hidden pictures, coloring, and problem-solving. If you can imagine it, it likely exists — so go and see what is out there!

Allow For Socialization

Our children are around other kids all day long during the school year. As we all know, consistency is crucial for children, so why not integrate this into your summer routine?

Friends are most certainly engaging and can support in keeping your child busy and engaged. You can organize play dates, alternate whose house the kids will be at for the day, or encourage neighborhood outdoor activities to include children that live around you. The possibilities are endless so don’t be afraid to get creative and brainstorm with your children!

Summer Camp

And finally, our area of expertise: summer camp! If it is in your family’s budget, summer camp is never a bad idea. In fact, summer camp will continue to sharpen and grow the strength and skill set of your child — an all-in-one service, if you will. Check out our summer camp page to learn more!

At Hot Grounds Gym, we offer a summer program that blends learning and growth, fun and adventure. It is not your average summer camp! Under the guidance of dynamic and experienced instructors, your children will complete obstacle courses, learn survival, first aid, and cooking skills, self defense, and more.