Ah, the magic of summer camp. If you have ever been to camp, whether overnight or day, you can easily relate to this nostalgia. Camp is surely the most unique summer experience a child can walk through. At Hot Ground Gym in Vernon Hills, we have combined two of our favorite things: camp and fitness. And so, in an attempt to put words to the magic of camp, we will give you four reasons why you might consider sending your child to our summer camps for kids.

Get Away And Take A Break

Think back to your years as a child in school. Life was simple, but it was by no means easy. Children are challenged as they problem-solve for hours on end while at school. There is an incredible amount of stress put on our children to perform and success on an educational level, as well-intentioned as it may be. This can be taxing stuff, regardless of the long-term, positive impact education evidently has. For this reason, we believe that camp has created a space for children to escape to, unplug, and unwind.

Develop Life Skills

Where do we begin? The number of skills your children will attain and sharpen is almost unfathomable. For sake of space, we will list a few of the valuable skills you can expect your child to develop:

Leadership Skills
Critical thinking
Social skills

Among other things, camp allows children to expand their social network, experience failure in a safe place, and to get back up and try again. And again. A great thing about summer camp is that it is not only fun, but a valuable addition to their development.

Affirmation And Belonging

Camp is time for your child to come to know themselves, to believe that they are enough, to know that they belong. Camp provides the perfect atmosphere for them to safely walk along the path of self-discovery and belonging. In most cases, your child will be put in a small group, allowing for intimate conversation and one-on-on time with their counselors. This culture of inclusion is truly unmatched outside of camp.

Fun And Adventure

Last, but certainly not least is the amount of fun your kids will have while going on all kinds of adventures! There are some outrageous and hilarious things that happen while at camp. And we are certain that nothing else can relate. These traditions and experiences create a sense of camaraderie and connection with those with whom your child attends camp.attend camp with.

Hot Ground Gym – Summer Camp

Have we convinced you how awesome camp is? If not, then we would love the opportunity to share a bit more about our unique take on camp.

We are a kids’ gym that has a passion for the health and wellness of our youth in Vernon Hills. At our summer camps for kids, we offer a blend of adventure and learning while being led by dynamic instructors. Contact us today to discover our novel take on camp!