1. Why Summer Camp Is A Must

    Ah, the magic of summer camp. If you have ever been to camp, whether overnight or day, you can easily relate to this nostalgia. Camp is surely the most unique summer experience a child can walk through. At Hot Ground Gym in Vernon Hills, we have combined two of our favorite things: camp and fitness. And so, in an attempt to put words to the magic of camp, we will give you four reasons why you migh…Read More

  2. Keeping Your Kids Active During The Summer Months

    It is no secret that most parents dread the onset of summer. On the other hand, it is not so far-fetched to assume that most children love being on summer vacation — as long as they are not bored out of their minds. As a parent, you sure don’t want your child to fall behind developmentally while trudging through the summer. Additionally, you would be wise to keep your child moving to maintain …Read More

  3. The Big Advantages of Our Summer Camp Over Others

    We’re glad that there are many different types of summer camps available to those who want them. If your kid has their heart set on a career in music, band camp might just be the answer. And if they’re a big FIFA fan, we won’t be surprised if they head to soccer camp. But for most kids, they’re going to need more variety in their summer so that they don’t get bored with a particular acti…Read More

  4. Why Parents Love Dropping Their Kids Off At Our Northbrook Day Camp

    While your children probably have some say in where they’d like to spend their summer, there’s no doubt that you, as their parent or guardian, are going to have the final say. And while you certainly want the kids to have fun, you have to think about what’s best for you and the rest of the family. Here are a few of the reasons we’ve heard from parents about why they like our day camp above…Read More

  5. Why Send Your Kids To An Outdoor Summer Camp In Vernon Hills?

    Here at Hot Ground Gym, we’re all about exercising the entirety of the individual, and that means helping them not only become better at something physically but also helping them with skills that will last them a lifetime, mentally and socially. Many children are introduced to Hot Ground Gym via a kids’ birthday party, and some return for our Junior Boots program. But those relatively small s…Read More