what-is-the-junior-bootsJunior Boots™ is a comprehensive kid’s obstacle course fitness, mental and character development program. Junior Boots™ program is comprised from our 5 guiding principals. Obstacle course fitness, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking and discipline. Fun, challenging obstacle courses,“never give up” mindset, team building missions and positive environment makes this program to stand from the rest.

Our classes are broken down into 3 age groups. Alpha Company K-2 grade Bravo Company 3-5 grade and Charlie Company 6-8 grade.




The first pillar of the Junior Boots™ “curriculum” is physical activity. Exercise and play are pivotal in your child’s development. The Junior Boots™ program introduces physical activity in a very fun and the creative way by utilizing full-scale obstacles inspired by the military obstacle course, popular American Ninja Warrior Show™ and the creative mind of our team.



What keeps Junior Boots™ classes fun,engaging and educational that it is more than just the physical element. Yes, all kids like to run around and goof off, but it is the critical thinking and problem-solving tasks that are weaved into each training session that keep kids focused. Every Junior Boots™ class ends with a “mission”. A “mission” is a task with a begging and end but we don’t show the middle. Kids required to come up with an action plan and work cohesively to successfully accomplish a mission. We change the missions in our classes every other day to encourage kids to adapt to unfamiliar situations, confront problems head-on, and overcome fear and uncertainty.



Teamwork is really the cornerstone of Junior Boots™program. Through cooperation with their teammates and peers, we have seen kids gain confidence, leadership abilities, social skills and great friends. Our classes are very structured and organized around collaboration. Our kids encourage each other, support each other and physically help each other.

leader-icon#4 LEADERSHIP

We help kids to discover their own leadership voice through our “missions”. Kids learn on the fly how to develop, communicate and implement a plan of action. Junior Boots™ helps kids build effective communication skills and a sense of responsibility. Because every child must be both a leader and a follower on different missions, our kids learn both angles. We believe that in order to be a great leader you also need know what it takes to follow.



Junior Boots™ classes are highly structured. Discipline encourages kids to act and react decisively. The goal is to develop an intense focus on the task at hand and to apply yourself completely, a quality that is essential for both physical and mental sharpness.The discipline is accomplished through “Boot Camp” set up that has an “Action Reaction” effect.
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