What do you remember about your birthdays when you were younger? Do you remember getting together with your friends, having cake and ice cream, and playing in the backyard? Were all of your birthdays the same format year after year?

Kids live very much in the present moment. Their concept of time is developed over time — that’s why in car rides they keep asking over and over again, “Are we almost there yet?” because it seems agonizingly slow to them. Once school comes, routines develop, and kids can get caught up in the monotony of their days. All the days seem the same. They get up, pack their lunch, go to school, attend the same class with the same group of kids, leave school, attend an after school activity, such as karate, dance or basketball, and then go home, take a bath, and prepare to do this all over again.

Birthdays are special. They mark a milestone in kids’ lives (and in adults’ lives, too) where they’ve grown in all aspects — physically, sprititally, mentally, and as a person. Celebrating growth is inherent in our culture, as it has been for centuries. It’s also a chance to break the monotony of living and form a precious memory. We can do that with kids’ birthday parties.

Hot Ground Gym in Vernon Hills, Arlington Heights, and Northbrook offers an obstacle course birthday party that is guaranteed to be a treasured memory for years to come. Our obstacle course birthday parties are much more than a place to wear your kids out for 90 minutes. Here at Hot Ground Gym, we focus on not only getting physically fit, but also on building mental skills and character. We strengthen the future. Our classes focus on fitness, teamwork, leadership, problem solving, and discipline. Each of these pillars contributes to the growth of your child. At our kids’ birthday parties, your child and his or her friends will have a mission to solve in an hour. This mission will challenge their critical thinking skills, teamwork skills, and cognitive abilities, as well as their physical capacity and cooperation. They will have to problem solve and solve the mission — all before 30 minutes of cake and ice cream celebrations!

Hot Ground Gym wants to ensure your child has a memorable birthday party at our facility in either Northbrook, Arlington Heights, or Vernon Hills. Below, we’ll list the benefits of having a birthday party at our children’s gym.


1. Exposure to something new. Most kids don’t have the opportunity to experience an obstacle course, beyond the monkey bars on their school playground. Here at Hot Ground Gym, we have a whole course set up with ropes, walls, allowing kids to crawl over and under obstacles that will work muscles your kids didn’t even know existed. Obstacle courses are not only fun, but your kids will gain new skills and get a great workout along the way. Our facility will give your kids a taste of what adult obstacle course races are like, which are growing in popularity every year, as well as a taste of active careers such as the military, emergency responders, or even fitness instructors. With all of our instructors having a military or first responder background, your child will gain exposure to these rewarding career opportunities without even knowing it.

2. Kids stay active. Keeping the kids active and entertained during a birthday party can be a huge challenge when parents decide to DIY birthday party. Let’s face it, a bunch of 8 year olds, running around your backyard with pent-up energy can be a challenge for most adults, especially while you’re trying to take pictures and tend to the food, cake, and the baby. When you have your kids birthday party at Hot Ground Gym, your job is to drop off your kids, make sure the other kids arrive, and then sit back and relax while we handle the rest. You can even sneak out for a quick coffee if need be before cake and present time. Your child and his or her friends will be entertained for the entire 60 minutes, and by the time we hand them back over to you, they’ll be ready to re-fuel!

3. We’ll handle the setup and the cleanup. When you host your child’s birthday party at your home, you have to prepare your home for 20 kids, their parents, and their siblings. Some will stay and some will drop off, but you have to be prepared to host 50 people or more. You’ll need to clean your home, make sure the bathroom is stocked with toilet paper and soap, and run what will seem like a million errands to all kinds of stores for balloons, party favors, gift bags, streamers, paper plates and cups, the cake, the ice cream, and your child’s gifts from you. And this is all before any guests arrive. Once they arrive, you’ll have to be a gracious host, minding to all your guests, while trying to manage the kids and pay attention to the birthday child. And once the fun is over, twenty paper plates, plastic cups, plastic forks, pizza boxes, drink containers, and finger foods can add up quick, not to mention the mess on the floor, the accidental spills from the enthusiasm, and the wrapping paper. You’ll spend the whole day on setup and cleanup not to mention countless hours in preparation. Hot Ground Gym will set up and clean up everything in our party room when you are finished — all you have to remember to take with you is your child’s presents (and your child, of course!).

4. Nap time afterwards! An obstacle course birthday party at Hot Ground Gym in Northbrook, Arlington Heights, and Vernon Hills is sure to wear out the kids, including your child, especially if they’ve never been to our facilities before. After the party, your child will most likely need some down time, which means down time for you as well.

5. Save money. If you’ve ever hosted your child’s birthday party at home, you’ll know the costs can add up quick. From the decorations to the food and drinks, the cost you’ll spend on your child’s birthday party will most likely be more than your budget. Plus, you have the gifts you want to give your child as well. Having your kids birthday party at a venue will save you money.

6. Enjoy the moment. Sometimes kids birthday parties are more important and meaningful for the parents, especially if your child is young. Planning a kids birthday party at home can be time-consuming and stressful, which often leads to a deflated feeling when the party is over. Hot Ground Gym wants you to celebrate your child in a care-free, stress-free, and fun way. Kids grow up so fast that before you know it, they will be driving and off to college, leaving an empty space in your days (and sometimes your hearts) that they used to fill. Every moment is precious, and you want to remember more about their birthday parties than cleaning up spills and messes. Hot Ground Gym is the perfect birthday party venue to allow you to form memories as well.


  • You’ll give your child a lasting memory. Think back to your birthday parties you had as a kid. How many do you actually remember and why? Sure, some we don’t remember is natural — we were young. However, likely the ones you remember stood out for some reason — a cool location, a special guest showed up like Grandma or Grandpa from out of town, or you did something fantastic, like went boating or skydiving (we recommend saving skydiving for when your kids are teenagers). Hot Ground Gym is an obstacle course birthday party that is unlike anything else your child has done for his or her birthday or will do. Getting to cut their own birthday cake with a sword is pretty awesome and memorable!
  • Build mental skills. Hot Ground Gym operates on three main tenets: get physically fit, build mental skills, and build character. In the 60 minutes we have your child’s and his or her friends’ undivided attention, we will lead them through solving a mission. This mission will be challenging, and the kids will have to use their mental skills to solve the challenge within the hour. This will require cooperation and a bit of competition against the clock. But the reward of cake at the end is worth it.
  • Build character. Many kids these days are indulged. This can be from the parents, but often times it’s from the easy lifestyle kids lead. Gone are the days where you had to till the fields for dinner, feed the chickens for eggs, and walk two miles to school and back. Instead, video games, TV, and iPads have become kids’ main forms of entertainment, and it can be a challenge just to get kids outdoors these days. Schools often don’t have the time to focus on character development due to all the other requirements put upon them from the state. Hard work and goals form character, and Hot Ground Gym will work with your child from start to finish, aiming for a goal and learning from the experience, whether they succeed or fail at solving the mission. Many tasks require cooperation, teaching kids how to compromise, how to give and take, and how to put others first. We’ll teach kids how to win and lose graciously, and what to learn from both. They will be motivated to succeed and when they do, their self-confidence will grow. Compassion, generosity, and self-control are all character traits we aim to develop in your child.
  • A chance to play with ropes. If you haven’t climbed a rope in a while, you need to. Climbing a rope is one of the most challenging physical activities you’ll ever undertake, and kids take to ropes like butterflies do to succulent flowers — naturally. We offer kids the opportunity to climb walls, play on monkey bars, and climb ropes — accomplishments that naturally make your heart soar and increases your self-confidence.
  • Compassionate instructors. All of our instructors are experienced in not only obstacle course work and from either the military or first-responder background, but they are experienced and passionate about teaching kids. When you have your kid’s birthday party at Hot Ground Gym in either Vernon Hills, Arlington Heights, or Northbrook, you’ll instantly see and feel the enthusiasm and care of our instructors. We are vested in your child’s safety and experience. We ensure they move correctly and are safe at all times during the birthday party. We don’t push kids to do things they are uncomfortable doing, and if a child is uncomfortable doing something, we instantly step in and offer up alternatives, so no child feels left out. Our goal with our kids’ birthday parties is to make sure the kids are having fun and stay safe.

Hot Ground Gym understands that you have options when it comes to birthday party venues. You can choose to have your kids’ birthday party at a more traditional place, with face painting, balloon tying, and games such as hopskotch, pin the tail on the donkey, and hit the pinata. Or you can choose the best birthday party place, Hot Ground Gym, where your child will experience something new, be active the entire time, build character and mental skills, and leave with a memory for a lifetime. The choice is yours.

If you’re looking for a kids’ birthday party that is unique, rewarding, challenging, fun, and sure to be fondly remembered for years to come, a kids’ birthday party at Hot Ground Gym can’t be beat. We would be privileged to host your kids’ birthday party at either our Northbrook, Arlington Heights, or Vernon Hills venues. We strengthen the future. Contact us today to schedule!