1. Even More Skills of a Great Leader

    One of the primary motivations of our kids gym in Vernon Hills is to equip children with the appropriate tools to grow up in a healthy and well-rounded way. This very much includes instilling our kids with the skills required to be an effective leader. This is an essential part of our program’s “3 PRONGED APPROACH™” that consists of physical, mental, and character development. Our kids gym…Read More

  2. Camping With Your Kids: The Essentials (Pt. 2)

    In our previous blog post, we started exploring some of the essentials for taking a family camping trip. Last time we talked about practicing camping trips at home, either in your backyard or at a nearby park. We also discussed the importance of planning and organizing for the trip, and some of the ways you can involve your children in the organization process. Let’s now take a look at some more…Read More

  3. Camping With Your Kids: The Essentials (Pt. 1)

    It’s officially summertime — and that means plenty of opportunity for camping with your kids! There is simply no better time of year to go camping than in the next few months. Of course, there’s something to be said about winter camping. But when children are involved, the summer months are going to bring with them the most comfortable temperatures and the safest conditions. So, as summer co…Read More

  4. Training Kids With Our 3 PRONGED APPROACH

    It is now officially the time of year where kids are able to get the most physical activity. For most families, summer means that our kiddos will be having lots of spare time. Not all parents get the same kind of free time that their kids get, so that means parents are often left scrambling for ideas to fill the summer hours for their children. Here in Vernon Hills, one of the best ways to keep yo…Read More

  5. 5 Ways To Be Active As A Family

    At Hot Ground Gym in Vernon Hills, we are big proponents of the physical health of the children in our community. We offer a unique and novel approach to youth fitness by providing a kids’ gym in Vernon Hills. That said, we recognize that sending your child to a gym every day is simply not within budget for most families. It is for this reason that we have put together a list of ideas to get you…Read More

  6. Sneaky Ways To Feed Your Child Their Vegetables

    Let’s be honest, not all vegetables are created equal. Even as an adult, you can probably think of at least one vegetable that does not bode well with you. Now, try to remember what it was like being “forced” to eat those abominable vegetables as kids. It was like the end of the world, and that is no exaggeration of how it felt! If you are the parent of a picky eater, it can seem impossible …Read More

  7. 5 More Benefits of Childhood Fitness

    We recently took a look at some of the many benefits of childhood fitness in the first part of this series, and we’re back with five more today. By building a foundation of healthy physical activity, it helps your child fend off illness as they get older. If you’re looking for a kids gym in Vernon Hills, call Hot Ground Gym! Whether it is one of our summer or winter camps or our awesome Junior…Read More

  8. 5 Benefits of Childhood Fitness

    Working out. Exercising. Physical fitness. No matter what you call it, you’re likely to hear an audible ugh from some people. While it might not be everyone’s favorite thing, it’s incredibly important to your overall health. This is especially true for children because an early foundation of fitness helps to prevent a wide variety of health issues later in life. At Hot Ground Gym in Vernon …Read More

  9. What Are Some Skills Of A Great Leader?

    One of the core principles that we focus on at our kids gym in Vernon Hills is leadership. Our Junior Boots™ program at Hot Ground Gym® focuses on the Five Pillars of Confidence. These pillars include obstacle course fitness, teamwork, problem solving, discipline, and leadership. In today’s blog, we’ll be covering what exactly leadership means and what characteristics makes a great leader. …Read More

  10. Start A Love Of Fitness Early

    Learning to love fitness early can help your child in many different ways. He or she will not only be healthier than other children who didn’t start exercising earlier in life, but they’ll have a better relationship with their body and even their mind can be stronger. At our kids gym, we offer kids fitness services that are not only fun, but they will also help your child develop his or her ch…Read More